Safire SF-IPTDM011DA-3D4 termalna kamera

Safire Dual IP termalna kamera; 160x120 VOx | 3.1mm objektiv; Optički senzor 1/2.7” 4 MP | objektiv 4mm; Termalna osetljivost ≤ 40mK; Detekcija požara i Alarm; Temperaturni opseg merenja -20~150ºC / ± 8ºC;
SKU: SF1252
Proizvođač: SAFIRE
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Safire SF-IPTDM011DA-3D4 termalna kamera



Thermal sensor 160x120 Vanadium Oxide
Optical sensor 1/2.7” Progressive Scan CMOS 4 Megapixel
Main Stream rate 1280x720, 704x576, 640x480, 352x288, 320x240 Term / 2688x1520, 1920x1080, 1280x720 (1~25FPS) Optics
Extra Stream rate 704x576, 352x288, 320x240 Term / 704x576, 352x288, 176x144 (1~25FPS) Optics
Compression H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG
Lens 3.1 mm (Therm) / 4 mm (Opt)
Range performance Human: 91 (Detection) / 23 (Recognition) / 11 (Identification) m
Vehicle: 280(D) / 70 (R) / 35 (I) m
VCA ranges Human: 21 m

Vehicle: 63 m

Tº measurement (2x2m): 66 m

Tº measurement (1x1m): 33 m

Fire detection (2x2m): 180 m

Fire detection (1x1m): 90 m
Viewing angle 50°×37.2° (Term) / 84° × 44.8° (Opt)
Thermal sensitivity < 40mK (0.05 º C)
Thermal measurement range -20 ~150 º C / ± 8 º C
Spectral range 8~14μm
Pitch detector 17μm
VCA Up to 8 VCA rules (linecrossing, intrusion, entry and exit of area)
Temperature rules Up to 21 rules (10 points, 10 areas y 1 line)
Intelligent functions Fire detection and alarm, line crossing, intrusion, abandoned/lost object
Audio In/Out 1/ 1 line level 600 ohm
Alarm In/Out 1/1 Relay
Internal memory Micro SD card up to 256GB
Network interface Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
Remote access WEB, CMS (DSS/PSS), Smartphone and NVR interface
Interoperability ONVIF
Power 12VDC, 0.5A, max.6W; PoE IEEE802.3af, 0.14~0.22A, max.6.5W
Temp. operation -40º C ~ +65º C
Degree of protection Weatherproof IP66
Dimensions 138.3 mm (Fo) x 138.3 (An) x 123.1 (Al) mm
Weight 940 g