ELMO TRIAL spoljni žicani detektor

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ELMO TRIAL spoljni žicani detektor

TRIAL je trostruki tehnološki detektor (MW + 2 IR), dometa do 15 m, pogodan za unutrašnje / spoljašnje instalacije sa multifokalnim sočivima, under-crawl sočivima i relejnim izlazima.

Nudi nekoliko funkcija koje omogućavaju postizanje vrlo visoke preciznosti detekcije i vrlo visoku otpornost na buku i neovlašćeno rukovanje: dvostruki PIR, 3D funkcija, funkcija protiv maskiranja, funkcija protiv zaslepljivanja, under-crawl i anti dezorijentacija (zahvaljujući visokoj osetljivosti akcelerometar sa 2 ose rada).

Izuzetan oblik kućišta serije TRIAL pojednostavljuje ugradnju u zid pomoću isporučenih 6° nosača sa fiksnim nagibom za ugradnju na visini od 2,1m. Za spoljne instalacije isporučuje se zaštita od sunca. TRIAL ima sertifikat IMQ-Allarme EN50131-2-4 Grade 3, Class 4.




  • Range from 3m to 15m adjustable
  • Horizontal coverage area 95°
  • Sensitivity: dipswitch for selection between minimum 8 pulses and maximum 4 pulses with 5s waiting (unique dipswitch for MW and IR)
  • TX frequency 10,525GHz
  • Emitted power 13 dBm E.I.R.P.
  • Pulsed emitted signal
  • DRO device and planar antenna RTTE/99-05 certified with pulsed operations.


  • Range 15m with standard height fixing of 2.1 m, the coverage can change in according to the mounting solution adopted with angled bracket and/or with SNDTRIAL optional accessories
  • Sensible zones number : 2 x 28 zones on 4 floors. 2 x 3 zone on 1 floor
  • Horizontal coverage area 94°
  • Sensitivity: dipswitch for selection between minimum 4 pulses and maximum 2 pulses with 5s waiting (unique dipswitch for MW and IR)
  • IR Timings: single alarm with confirmation waiting from the MW sections for 5s (with AND operations), direct alarm to general relay for OR operations.
  • IR gain stage: optimized with the temperature


  • /

Compatible lines

  • All control units


  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Supplied 6° fixed inclination bracket  made with an optimal grade for 2.1 m standard height installations


  • Alarm relay
  • Anti-masking relay
  • Tamper


  • Internal dipswitch


  • Against noise digital filter fo neon lamps
  • Silicon filter for glare protection from withe light


  • Views through LED: MW operation, IR operation, alarm status, fault, disorientation, masking/blindness


  • Anti-blinding active circuit in the IR section
  • Anti-masking active circuit in the MW section
  • Under-crawl device
  • Disorientation detection with accelerometric device on two axes always enabled and resulting alarm generation
  • Sophisticated algorithm used by the environmental monitoring circuit with AD conversion on IR
  • 3D function
  • Fresnell lens and lower lens with under-crawl device ultrasonic and non-replaceable welded
  • Protection against noise applied to the power terminals, also the alarm relay has output contacts with a serial resistance

Operating temperature 

  • -10 / +55°C, 93% Ur

Dimensions and weight

  • H 167 - W 95 - D 75 mm only body detector
  • 270 g without accessory joint

Power consumption

  • 19mA idle status (excited relay), 21 mA alarm (de-energized relay), stand-by, MW esclusion: 17 mA

Power supply

  • DC12V (from 7.5 to 15V)


  • Certified IMQ-Allarme EN50131-2-4 grade 3, environmental class 4.

Parts supplied

  • 6°  fixed inclination bracket, protective sunshield, screws, bolts, technical manual