Advanced PD-5A17-FIRE dodatno napajanje

Model: Advanced PD-5A17-FIRE dodatno napajanje

Sertifikat EN54-4; Izlazna struja 4.2A; Do 5A za 5 minuta; Pomoćni izlazi kvara; Kapacitet za 2 baterije od 12V 17Ah;



Power supply input 230VAC
Output Voltage 22~27.6VDC
Efficiency 87%
Output current Nominal: 42A
Maximum: 5A (5 minutes)
Middle charging current: 0.8A
Back-up battery Supports up to 2x12VDC / 17Ah
Permitted cable Up to 2.5mm2
Protections SCP, OLP, OVP, UVP, tamper - opening of the box
Materials Plate DC01, 1mm, RAL3001 (red), made of metal
Closing Lock (1xMR027, of the same code)
Degree of protection of the enclosure IP30
Dimensions 385 x 402 x 88 [+/-2 mm]]